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Cruises 2021 on ALTITUDE Dufour 405 

Departure Saint Cyprien   France 66 

7-day cruise on Dufour 405 GL:

  • 850 euros per person + on-board cash register per person.




10-day cruise on Dufour 405 GL:

  • 1190 euros per person + board box per person

Privatization of the Dufour 405 GL sailboat + skipper

  • 3400 euros / 7 days

  • 4600 euros / 10 day

Double cabin rate for 7 day

  • 1 person / 1700 euros

  • 2 people / 1700 euros

Beautiful, comfortable and well equipped sailboat with:

  • 3 double cabins, the forward cabin has wc and bathroom (if all cabins are occupied, the skipper sleeps in the saloon)

  • 2 wc bathroom

  • dinghy

We are offering, for this summer 2021, three different cruises (6 passengers maximum)

  • Coastal cruise; The north of the Spanish coast (different cabotages and marinas to explore in a lazy atmosphere, possibility of going to Barcelona)

  • Adventure cruise; Visit of the Balearic Islands departure from Saint Cyprien, 10-day cruise (24-hour navigation to reach the Balearic Islands ditto for the return).

  • Island hopping cruise; departure and return to Palma Marina (Mallorca) for an adventure around the Balearic Islands.

For more information do not hesitate to contact me on +33607063907

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