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If all the cabins are taken, the skipper sleeps in the carre


Enjoy the DOLCE VITA...

Hostess, chef and cocktails barman on demand.

I can do the stores before the departure or it is up to you to do it.

Included in the price :

  • Yacht rent

  • Skipper fees 

  • Dinghy with engine

  • Linen

Not included :

  • Hostess, cook or barman optional 120 euros / day

  • Transport to the meeting place

  • Food / Beverages (skipper included)

  • fuel costs 

  • Embarking and disembarking marina fees 

  • towels

  • Marinas fees & Mooring fees

  • Final cleaning  (mandatory): 200 euros

  • Entry (s) in the park / reserve

  • Restaurants or optional activities

  • Count about 30 € / person / day for the boardcash (supply costs, additional port, mooring taxes, water and diesel).

In your luggage

  • Valid passport or identity card.

  • Our cruises are held in hot climate areas.

  • On a boat, saving space is important, prefer convenient travel bags to store, rather than a suitcase.

  • Provide sneakers or boat shoes

  • It is not necessary to pack a lot of clothes, plan a waterproof windbreaker, a sweater, a cap and sunscreen.

Organization of life on board

  • For all maneuvers on board, you have the choice to participate or not, the crew will be happy to share these moments with you, if necessary, let yourself be rocked by the waves under the golden sun!

  • Charging your cell phone on board is not a problem.

  • Do you like music ? We too, our audio system allows the connection of all devices iPad, iPod, iPhone music players etc ... Looking forward to discover your playlist!

Details of fees not included

These non-included costs will be paid on site directly to the skipper. 

Some details on the boardcash

The boardcash is used to manage running expenses on a sailboat, in this case food and drinks.

This amount also gives you an estimate of the expected expenses per day, depending on the destination.

It can sometimes also include diesel or other expenses associated with the cruise. 

Amount of the cash register is approximate, it will depend on the desires in terms of menu.

Alcohol is manage separately.

Other fees to be expected : 

The skipper generally favors nights at anchor, that is to say that you spend the night in a protected bay. Moorings are mostly free, with some exceptions.

The nights in the port are however paid, the price varies according to the season.

Expect around € 30 / € 60 on the Atlantic coast, and up to € 50 to € 90 in the Mediterranean.

Navigation conditions

The route and destination conditions, chosen beforehand according to the available time of each one, can be modified during the trip following the weather. The decision is made by the skipper to ensure the safety of all; no claim or compensation can be withheld. The crew is particularly concerned with the well-being and satisfaction of its passengers.


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